Quarterly – “Educational Sessions” the Alliance will introduce access to small workshops to learn the how to regarding marketing utilizing social media portals to enhance and provide effective ways to help business owners advance sales using the Internet – web sites, third party marketing tools, etc.

Regarding cyber security, in December 2010, an analysis reported that, America is planning to spend an allotment of over $13 billion annually in Cybersecurity protective efforts over the next five years.  In December 2014, major retailers, financial companies, and government agencies were hacked causing sustainable loss in dollars and productivity well over the projected $13 billion. Micro businesses are not counted in this total. Attempting to help artisans stay ahead of the threats to their businesses, Artisan’s Affinity Alliance will offer its members access to best practices and proven resources and sound advice to help thwart and prevent cyber-criminal acts from occurring; especially for itinerant micro businesses. Webinars and face-to-face sessions will be made available quarterly.


TBA – “SpringFling Cook-off” for local food artisans will be held to introduce healthier food options to offer the members and the public the opportunity to hone learn cooking skills methods in the home and while traveling across the country. The cook-off will also promote local farmers/producers. In addition, cooking at home will encourage stronger family bonds.


June 4, 2018 -- Annual Membership Meeting will be held following a local music festival in Columbia, MD. The business of the Alliance will be reported by the appropriate chairs and committee chairs.


September 2018 – “A Showcase: Visual Artists” will be held at local gallery in the District of Columbia. Renowned artisans such as Sidney Carter (GA), Stuart McLean (GA), Charles Bibbs CA), Leroy Campbell (GA), Woodrow Nash (OH), Edwin Lester (DE), and more to showcase and display works of art. Guests will have an opportunity to view art in many forms, learn how to invest in artwork, value authenticity and learn about the history and stories behind the contemporary artwork in the movable art space. In addition, the artists will be on hand to address matters concerning “Emerging Artists” for younger artists who are interested in gaining a foothold in the industry after receiving a formal education and more so for individuals without a formal education. Once approved, Pepco, local Washington, DC utility company will serve as the sponsoring organization in support of visual artists offering “in-kind” support, i.e., use of gallery space, reception, an opportunity to greet guests and artists. A formal application and other requirements must be met to confirm the company’s approval.



October 2019— “Artisan’s Harmony Festival” will invite the public and artisans to participate in a two-day outdoor music event that will include and support the arts and culture in its myriad expressive forms. Local and nationally recognized musicians will be invited to perform throughout the event days. A cultural village will be formed in the marketplace representing and cultures reflecting the marketplaces found throughout the world. This effort will begin to help society explore a variety of artisan’s (demonstrating) crafts near and far.


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